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Immortals / Admins

Haven of The Embraced has been back online under new management since 2011. The game is based on ROM2.4 and heavily modified to fit the World of Darkness theme. Most of the initial development and modifications were done by Ugha until 2011 when he passed the mantle on to the 'triumvirate' of new Admins.



Roles: Lead Developer, Whatever He Feels Like, Breaking Stuff

Matthew has been a part of Haven since the early 2000's as a player and was recruited as a builder under the old administration for a short period. In 2011 Ugha handed the MUD over to the new Admins and Matthew took over as Lead Coder.

A fan of Computers and computer games since a young age, Matthew is self-taught in c/c++ programming and Python scripting. He has also taught himself a bit of web development with HTML/CSS for the purposes of creating this website. He actively develops for the game with changes coming in on a regular basis, and helps to coordinate with Zelan and Ugha on their own projects for Haven. Any bugs or issues present in Haven can properly be blamed on him, as everything passes his scrutiny before being implemented.

Known Mortals: Ailen, Heiko, Veronika.

Note: If you see Matthew on any of his morts, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do not harass him about code or changes or anything not related to offering to drag him around the MUD. Put your question in a note or email, or politely ask if he has time to answer a question.

Common Wizinames: Codebreaker, The Mad Hatter, !Zelan


Roles: Developer, Server Admin, Canadian

Zelan will eventually be forced by Matthew to write a blurb for the wiki, but at this present moment only limited information is available.

Zelan is a long-time Haven player and has been part of the Admin team since 2011. He is an IT professional and is currently attending University to further his education in that field. In his off-time he enjoys streaming games live on Twitch for his friends to enjoy.


Roles: Server Admin, Whatever He Feels Like, Emotional Support Admin

Ygolonac will eventually be forced by Matthew to write a blurb for the wiki, but at this present moment only limited information is available.

When Matthew fell off the map for a couple of years, Ygolonac kept Haven running. He has been a part of the Admin team since 2011 and was Head Admin on Haven from 2015 to 2019. Ygolonac has played Haven for many years and takes on whatever tasks he feels will best benefit the Players and the Game. He currently takes the financial burden of the Hosting and Domain Name upon himself, paying out of pocket to keep Haven online.

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