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Start Guide for Haven of The Embraced

Haven of The Embraced (Haven for short) is a MUD based off of WhiteWolf Publishing's Classic World of Darkness roleplaying system. The game is based in Medieval Europe and you can play as a human, vampire, werewolf (Garou), or Mage. The steps below will help you to create and begin playing as a character on Haven.

Step One: Connecting

In order to play Haven you will have to connect through telnet or a MUD client. For Windows we suggest a client such as MUSHclient, Zmud or Cmud. For Linux, Mudlet is a good choice. Our players that MUD from mobile devices recommend Mudrammer for iOS or Blowtorch for Android (both available in respective app stores). All of these clients serve the same purpose, giving you a way to connect to the game and hopefully provide features that improve your ability to play easily.

Once you've downloaded and installed a client, open a new connection in the client using the following connection details.

Address: Port: 2000

Step Two: Creating a Character

This will connect you to Haven where you will be asked for your name.

This should be a name appropriate to the time period. Names like SuperVamp or names obviously ripped from movies or books like Lestat are inappropriate. When you enter your name, Haven will show you the list of naming rules and ask if the name supplied follows said rules.

You will then be asked for a password. Pick something easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess and do not share your password with anyone else! If you forget your password, it can be re-set by an Immortal.

The MUD will then ask if your client supports ANSI colors. If you used any of the clients above, answer Y. If you're using a telnet client or you're not sure, answer N.

You'll then be asked whether your character is Male or Female.

You'll then be asked to pick an Archetype. Haven uses a World of Darkness character sheet and different dots in stats on the sheet translate to different skills available in-game. If you're unsure of what all this means, pick the archetype that seems most appropriate to your character. If you are familiar with WoD or Haven, enter CUSTOM and you'll be given a chance to create your character sheet by hand in-game.

Next you'll be asked if you wish to start the game as a Vampire. There are benefits and drawbacks to doing this. Vampires are generally hardier and stronger than Humans and come with a handful of extra abilities that make hunting NPCs for experience easier. On the other hand, Vampires also burn in the sun and can be killed by standing outside too long. If you select Yes, you'll be given the opportunity to choose from one of the Low Clans to start as. If you wish to be one of the High Clans, you'll have to wait until you get into the game.

The choice is yours, but remember you can work to become a Vampire, Garou or Mage in-game and do not need to make this choice right now.

After you select N, or select a Clan if you chose Yes, you'll be shown the MOTD (Message of the Day) and be dropped into the game at the newbie starting point.

Step Three: Learning The System

Now is a good time to become familiar with the commands you'll be using most often on Haven of The Embraced.

Informational Commands

  • WHO - Shows a list of who is currently connected to the game.
  • WHOCONFIG - Shows different options for display on the who list.
  • SCORE - Shows basic statistics about your character. Level, hp/mana/move, gold, etc.
  • CHARSHEET - Display your Character Sheet
  • FREEBIE - Show cost of purchasing different stats, and syntax for purchasing them.
  • INVENTORY - Show your current inventory, the list of objects you are holding.
  • EQUIPMENT - Shows the list of items you are currently wearing.
  • SKILLS - Display a list of your currently usable skills, broken down by level.
  • SKILLS ALL - Display all skills you have, including ones higher than your level.
  • PRAYERS - Same as skills, a list of your current prayers.
  • PRAYERS ALL - Same as skills all, a list of all prayers currently learned.
  • HELP - Display the Intro to the helpfiles page, “help (command)” will show you the h helpfile for that specific command.

Communication Commands

  • OOC - The main OUT-OF-CHARACTER chat channel on Haven. (UNRATED)
  • CHAT - A PG-Rated chat channel, for out-of-character chat.
  • OSAY - Out-of-character say, for talking to people in the same room.
  • GTELL - Group-Tell, for talking to people in your current group.
  • TELL - Send a direct message to another player.
  • REPLY - Reply to a direct message, without using (or knowing) the player's name.
  • CLANTALK/TRIBETALK/TRADITIONTALK - Talk to people in your clan, tribe, or tradition.
  • CLAN/TBT/TDT - Short form for talking in clan, tradition, or tribe channel.
  • PLEAD - To ask for help from an Immortal. Plead is a one-way channel, it sends a message to every Immortal currently online, and if their client supports it, Beeps them. Because of the Beep, there is a short lag period involved with requesting aid through PLEAD.

Combat Commands

Roleplay Commands

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