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Newbie Guide

The following categories are placed here to help those new to haven and/or MUDs in general. These references will help get you started and contain the fundamentals of our codebase, as well as the flair that makes Haven unique.

These files can also be found in the in-game helps system under 'help newbie'.


See the rules wiki entry for a detailed breakdown of the Rules for Haven.


Unlike most other MUD's that rely soley on Score statistics, Haven integrates the Classic World of Darkness (cWoD) into not only role playing, but hack and slash as well. The following will teach you how to create this aspect of your character, and covers how it is then used in and out of character.


The command 'Create' allows a player to begin placing their stats into their character sheet. There is a set of directions within each stage of creation that will walk you through the process. Create is meant to allow older players access to new attributes and abilities. Don't be worried if Create tells you that there is nothing new to update.

See also: Character Sheet


Haven offers 4 races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Humans are the default through the new character creation process. They are your run of the mill people that populate the Medieval world. Generally around this time, superstitions run wild and everyone knows stories of the monsters that haunt the night. Humans are ignorant to the truth that these superstitions are real and the monsters are really out there, waiting to prey upon them.

The other races have their own pages for further information:


Remort allows a player at level 100 to reduce his/her level back to one again and gain powers that none of that level normally may have. When remorting, the player keeps his or her stats, skills, percentages, and clan/guild/class. However, the player does not keep their mana, movement, or hit points. When you remort, you gain 3 freebie points.

Possible remorts are:

  • (No argument) - Get 3 freebies
  • human(any) - Sets you back to human
  • garou(human only) - Changes human into Garou
  • rank (garou only - Increase a Garou's Rank


  • remort
  • remort garou

Haven is more than the typical hack and slash experience. Role playing is encouraged, and is rewarded. The following contain everything needed to tell your story.

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