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Character Sheet

Who are you? Where did you come from? Are your parents still alive? All of these questions and many more are ones that you should think on when creating a character on Haven of the Embraced.

In order to get anywhere on Haven, you MUST roleplay. To help you along with this, we have created a Character Sheet. It lists all the different information which drives your character ICly and OOCly. To see this sheet, please type CS, CS2 or CS3 while in gameplay.

The Sheets

Note: The Character Sheet is divided into three parts. To access use the following commands:

  • CS1 - Banner | Attributes | Abilities
  • CS2 - Virtues | Willpower | Humanity | Backgrounds
  • CS3 - Secondary Skills | Miscellaneous


Main Page: Attributes

Attributes refers to the Physical, Social and Mental statistics of the players on Haven. When choosing your attributes, think of what type of things your character is good at doing. If you excel at figuring out puzzles, then the mental section is going to be your primary section. If you are a brawler, then physical attributes would be your primary section. Finally, if your character is the social butterfly that tries to use their looks and charm to get by, then the social section is what you will want to select as your primary section. Secondary and tertiary attributes are assigned the same way as the primary ones are. All players begin with one dot in each of their sections.


Main Page: Abilities

Abilities are all the Talents, Skills and Knowledges thet a person learns throughout his life whether it be through formal schooling, job training, or just sheer natural ability. It is from these abilities that one is able to perform in certain situations.


Main Page: Advantages

Advantages covers a wide variety of different things. For the Vampires it includes their Disciplines, For the Mages their Spheres and for the Garou their gifts. Advantages also speak to the Virtues, Backgrounds, Willpower, Humanity and Health of a character. These are the things which make each race different from one another in terms of game mechanics.

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