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The weapon skills on Haven are divided into four general categories.

Each weapon skill starts with a base of 50%, current and maximum.

Each dot invested in the broader category increases the maximum level

attainable by each skill by ten percent, with 5 dots invested yielding

a maximum of 100% proficiency possible.  Your current proficiency

raises through usage, up to your current attainable maximum in the

category.  The higher your proficiency, the higher success rate of

your autoattacks with that type of weapon.

They are as follows:

- Light

-- Dagger and Whip

- Heavy

-- Axe and Sword

- Blunt

-- Flail and Mace

- Polearm

-- Lance, Polearm, and Spear

*There exists a weapon type that does not follow the normal rate

of proficiencies.  The 'exotic' weapon type can be used by anyone,

regardless of proficiency.  Your weapon proficiency when using an

exotic weapon is always considered equal to base 50%, plus 5% for

each point in Melee that you possess.  This proficiency does not

increase via usage, it may only be raised by purchasing more dots

in your Melee skill.  You tradeoff maximum potential for not having

to specialize in something specific.