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Kindred, Nosferatu, Nightwalkers. All names rumored and feared for thousands of

years. All names meaning one thing: Vampire

Following help file written by Abbot of Brujah:

Becoming a Vampire is not something to be taken lightly.  Sure, you get to stay

up all night and live forever, but it is not all fun and games. Here are some

things every vampire, ghoul and vampire wannabe should know:

1. Food and Feeding - The first thing most new vampires will notice is that

they no long need to (or can) eat and drink like mortals. Instead, they will

find themselves desiring blood.  Blood does not flow from springs or grow on

trees, so the hungry vampire must find somebody to take it from. First, they

must extend their fangs with the FANG command. While fangs are great for

feeding, they tend to tip mortals off to your true nature. Walking around with

your fangs out all the time may be considered a breach of the Masquerade, and

some mobs will attack you for it. Next, you simply FEED. Using the FEED command

in battle will drain a little life from your opponent and restore some Blood

Points (BP) to you. When the battle is done, you may feast from your victim's

corpse with the FEED CORPSE command. Higher level mobs will be more satisfying.

Be warned, however. Only feed from fresh corpses or you run the risk of

poisoning yourself.

2. The Sun is Not Your Friend - Depending on when and where you areembraced

(i.e., outside at noon), the other first thing most new vampires will notice is

that the sun is no longer their friend. Direct exposure to the sun will hurt

you, a lot. Many is the vampire who has struggled victoriously with their enemy

through the night, only to be stuck down in their weakened state by the first

rays of the sun. During daylight hours, you must seek shelter indoors or

underground or you will quickly become a crispy critter.

3. Your Blood Pool - As the saying goes "We should eat to live, not live to

eat." Being that vampires are not alive anymore anyway, it would be a shame to

have to spend every waking moment feeding. Fortunately, each vampire has the

ability to store a good amount of BP for future use. This is their Blood Pool.

BP in the Blood Pool are used in a verity of ways. First, it takes BP just to

maintain existence. 1 BP every hour with your fangs out, and 2 BP with them in.

That may seem like a lot, but even the lowliest mob will keep you alive from

hour to hour.  If your BP ever goes below  5, you will frenzy with hunger.

Frenzy will cause you to do dumb things such as attack people at random. It is

not fun. If your BP ever reaches 0, you will go into Torpor, which is much less

fun than frenzy and will be discussed in more detail later.

4. Regeneration - One of the luxuries a vampire must give up is the mortal

ability to spontaneously heal. No amount of sleep or rest will help you recover

lost HP. Instead, you must use the REGENERATE (REGEN) command. REGEN will cost

you a BP, but will instantly heal some of your wounds. This can be a great

advantage when you need to heal quickly. However, there needs to be relative

calm for you to REGEN, so you will find that you cannot do it and fight at the

same time.

5. Torpor - The promise of living forever sounds appealing, but you must not

confuse immortality with invulnerability. Chances are that at one time or

another, every vampire will get the undead snot kicked out of them. After

taking damage that would kill a mortal, a vampire's body will protect itself by

entering into a state of Torpor. While in Torpor, the vampire is completely

helpless. Getting out of Torpor can be tricky. The most common way is to have

somebody, a fellow kindred or mortal, NOURISH you. Anyone can use the NOURISH

command, but mortals need to be careful they don't NOURISH you to their death.

Only those with the level 3 Mortis discipline of RESURRECTION can get

themselves out of Torpor. If all else fails, you can pray to the Gods for

deliverance, but who knows how they will react.

6. The Embrace - You may have notice that you never see little vampires running

around. The reason is that vampires can't have children. They are sterile due

to the fact that their bodies have died. Can you imagine how painful breast

feeding would be with those sharp little fangs? At any rate, vampires propagate

their species through the EMBRACE command. To EMBRACE a mortal will make them a

vampire, forever. As soon as one is embraced, they can use the VAMPIRE (VAMP)

command to see a new set of stats about themselves. First they will notice

their generation,  which will be 1 lower than the one who embraced them. Your

generation determines how many discipline points (DP) you start out with and

how much your starting BP is. Finally, you can use the VAMP command to keep

track of your BP. Use the DISCIPLINE (DISC) command to see what disciples you

may choose from. See DISCIPLINE for more details. Remember, the ability to

create offspring is a privilege, not a right. Unauthorized embracing may bring

down the wrath of your clan Elders on your head.