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Historical Setting

Haven is set in the Middle Ages, specifically the 13th century. ICly this corresponds to the period of time known in Cainite history as the "War of Princes". This is a time of conflict and power struggle between Elder vampires after the fall of Vampire Control of Constantinople in 1204 CE during the Fourth Crusade. For Mortal society, this falls near the end of a period known as the High Middle Ages. The population is increasing across Europe and the economy is quite robust. They are completely oblivious to the terrors that vie for power every night when they turn in. The other races find their place between these two, choosing to stay out of the eye of both Vampire and Mortal societies for their own self interest.

Geographic Setting

Haven of the embraced is based mostly in Western Europe. Your journey begins in Chester, England where you can recall, heal and join groups for roleplay and killing. It is a bit overwhelming at first and we would like to offer you a few suggestions. The world is based on real life cities, countries and locations. By typing areas you will see a list of areas by name, level range and country placement.

A good starting place for human characters is: 2s 6w s of recall

A good starting place for vampire characters is: 2s 8e n of recall

Keep in mind that like in real life, the United Kingdom is an island and to get to the mainland to enjoy the areas of France all the way to Russia and Northern Africa, you will need to travel across the English channel. You may do so by finding the path that heads south of Chester until you get to Dover. Buy a ticket and read the room descriptions/mob programs and enjoy the boat ride over. You will arrive in Calais, France.