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Haven is a game and all games have rules. Because of the multiplayer environment, many of the rules deal with your interaction with others, as such we must plainly state what you can and cannot do to avoid any misunderstandings or harm to your fellow players.

What you must understand about Haven's rules system is, while we've attempted to anticipate every possible situation and variation, the "spirit" of the rule must be obeyed in addition to the written law. If you attempt to "find a loophole" or otherwise get around our written rules, then the spirit of the rule, or the general intent of the rule will apply and you'll still be punished.

The rules are broken down into categories based on what element of the mud they are related to. Each category has suggested punishments for immortals to carry out on rule-breakers. However, these are only suggestions and we reserve the right to increase, or decrease the punishment as we see fit based on the situation.

Any appeals to a ruling or judgment should be sent, via note or email to a Level 108+. If you do not feel the Admin has fully solved your problem, you may appeal further to a Level 110. Decisions by Level 110 Admins are final and cannot be appealed. Other Level 110's may take it upon themselves to review the case, but it is not expected of them. Our current level 110 Admins are Matthew (, Ygolonac ( and Zelan (

All players are required to read, understand and memorize all rules. If you need help understanding something, ask an immortal via the Plead channel or another player via OOC.

Remember: These rules may change at any moment with the expanding needs of our player base, a new situation coming up, or on random whim from the immstaff. Any such changes will be posted in news and or change-notes. Be sure to keep up to date with those notes at all times. It is your responsibility as a player to know these rules.

Character Naming

1. This is a White Wolf theme based MUD; therefore names should be based around this theme.

2. Real words, and therefore compounds word also, are NOT acceptable as character names, this includes but isn't limited to MrHappy, Superstud, and other stupid names of this nature.

3. Names taken from popular cartoons, movies, and popular literature are not acceptable as player names.

4. Names with profane language are not acceptable as player names.

5. Names which mimic, insult or otherwise emulate another Immortal or player are not acceptable.

6. Common names that fit the Dark Ages theme are acceptable only if they are not commonly associated with historical figures, real or mythical.

7. The Immortal Staff reserves the right to determine whether a name is acceptable or not and may act on their own discretion Petitions are to be made to the Administration (108+) only.

Punishments: Warning, Manual Rename, Deletion of character.


1. You may not have more than one character logged into the game at any one time. This includes having one partially logged into the MUD. IE: One fully logged in and another sitting at the MOTD.

2. Dying and logging one of your own characters for corpse retrieval is not permitted. However, another player may log one of their other characters to assist you. Logging one character to save another of your own alts from Torpor is also not permitted.

3. The exchange of equipment between two different characters of the same player is prohibited. This includes dropping it on the ground, leaving it in the donation chest, or giving to a different player to give to your other character.

4. Two different people using the same character is not allowed. If you wish to give away a character, contact an Admin for permission first.

5. You may have only five characters at any one time. If you have five and want another, you must first delete one of the existing ones. The exception to this is someone with an immortal. They may have six (to allow for the immortal).

Punishments: Warning, Deletion of one or both characters.

Exception: A person with an immortal of level 104 or higher or any Immortal given specific permission by the Administration is permitted to log on a mortal at the same time as their immortal as long as their immortal does not interact with their mortal in any way.

Public Channels

1. Posting links to websites that feature illegal content including but not limited to pirated software, child porn, or racist/xenophobic materials are prohibited.

2. Do not engage in harassment (see harassment section) on public channels.

3. Keep foul or offensive language to a minimum on public channels.

4. Spamming, or repeatedly stating the same message or a series of messages that should have been on a single line on a public channel is illegal.

5. The WHO list is considered "public" and is governed by the same rules and restrictions as all other public channels. If asked by an Immortal to change you title, do so.

6. The final say as to what constitutes appropriate for any channel is up to the discretion of the Immortal staff. If you are asked to cease foul language or change the topic of conversation you are expected to do so immediately, or take the conversation to a private channel.

Punishments: Warning, Loss of Channels, Freezing.

NOTE: Use your common sense when it comes to what to say and what not to say. If you think it might offend someone, or be bad for our minor players to see, then please... don't say it. Remember, while Haven is based around adult themes, we have had players as young as eight years old. Consider them, too, before you speak.


1. Racial, gender or religious slurs of any form are not permitted on global channels and are discouraged from use in private channels. Using such slurs in reference to another player is strictly prohibited.

2. Any action or topic of conversation towards or involving another player that the other player finds offensive should be ceased immediate should they voice their offense.

Punishments: Warning, Nochannel, Jail, Freeze, up to Lifetime Ban

NOTE: We hope that Players can solve their differences in a mature and adult manner. Try to stop harassment by speaking directly to the offending player first. If the harassment does not stop, save a log of the conversation and email it to an immortal.

If you do report someone for harassment, do not instigate or harass them in return. You may be punished as harshly as the other player if you contributed to the situation after getting an immortal involved.


1. The position of Elder/Alpha/Leader is an IC title that comes mostly with IC benefits. The few OOC benefits that the position does give are moderated by the Immortal staff, specifically Roleplay Immortals or Storytellers, to prevent their abuse. Players in a leadership position are held to a higher set of standards than normal members of a clan/tribe/tradition and will be removed from their position if an Admin feels they are not meeting the standards of the position.

2. These positions are currently Immortal appointed with the eventual goal of not needing Immortal intervention and handing control of the factions to the players. The appointments of all leadership positions is handled by the Head of Roleplay. Any disputes with the Head RP Immortal's decision can be appealed to an Admin.

3. If a player wishes to challenge a Leader for their position, they must contact the Head of Roleplay. They must prove they are worthy of the position ICly and show how the current leader is unworthy of the position. They must prove that their character could actually perform a coup. ie: Have the IC resources, contacts, etc or plain muscle/potency needed to oust a Leader.

4. Leaders decide who is allowed to join a clan/tribe/tradition and sets the requirements to join their specific faction. They also have Player-Killing rights over members of their clan/tribe/tradition.

5. The Leader of a clan/tribe/tradition may grant PK permission for one member of their faction to kill another member. This process will be overseen by a Roleplay Immortal as described in the "Alternative Player Killing" policy.

6. The Leader of a clan/tribe/tradition is expected to settle disputes between members of their faction and they are expected to do so ICly. Any disputes with the Leader of a faction should be handled ICly. If you do not agree with the decision of a Leader or there is a situation which cannot be settled ICly, you should contact the Head of Roleplay.


1. Roleplaying solo with the IC flag on is prohibited. The IC flag gives automatic rewards of experience and quest points and anyone found abusing this system will lose quest points.

2. Do not have the IC flag on if you're not actively RPing with another player. This includes the fact that you should turn the IC flag off if you're going AFK.

3. Sexually graphic roleplay is prohibited in publicly accessible areas. This includes bars or anywhere you might run into another player roleplaying.

Punishments: Warning, 24 Hour Freeze, Week long ban, Deletion

Player Killing (PK)

NOTE: The ability to attack or in any way harm a player is only available to players that have become 'active' using the 'becomeactive' command. You can only kill other Active players, in a PKill domain. If you are not active and wish to kill another inactive player, please see 'help policy_alt_pkill'.

Player Killing between Active players is mostly unregulated. If you feel that you have been victim to harassment using the Pkill system or would like to report another player, contact an Admin. In most cases, providing a full and complete log of the incident in question will speed the process.

Punishments: Warning, Freezing, Week Ban

Player Killing (Alternative)

NOTE: With Player Killing disabled to inactive players, but still wishing to have some sort of consequences to IC actions... The Administrators have agreed upon the following set of rules and definitions regarding Player-Killing.

1. All actions concerning Player Killing should be taken ICly and the reason for the PK request should be 100% IC. You will be expected to roleplay out the player killing (with a Roleplay Imm or Admin overseeing).

2. If a player wishes to 'kill' another player, they should contact a Roleplay Immortal or Storyteller to start the process. The RP/ST Imm will review your request and make an assessment. If your request is reasonable the RP Imm will begin a detailed review of your character, the other player's character, and the circumstances around the player killing request.

3. The other player will be notified of the request and a time and date will be set for a roleplaying scene for the actual player killing to happen. During this scene the RP Imm will take into account both player's OOC and IC character abilities as well as their Character Sheet and announce any modifications to either player's stats to ensure a 'fair fight'.

4. The players will roleplay through the player-killing using dicerolls and under the advisement of the Storyteller. Whichever player loses the IC fight, whether it be the Vampire staked or Garou/Mage slain, will be set to Human and that character will be considered Dead ICly.

5. The dead character must create a new character background and will have their charsheet wiped. That player must roleplay as a new character but will be allowed to keep their name, their equipment and any quest points.

6. To prevent players from trying to use a PK request solely to get their character wiped aswell as give the whole process an actual 'consequence'... Immediately after being set to human, the player (or an Admin on their behalf, see below) will roll a die using 'dice 1 1 show'. Based on the number rolled on the die, the player will lose up to a third of their remorts and any associated freebies.

7. Any player that refuses to roleplay through a player killing request may appeal to an Admin. If the Admin decides that the player killing request is valid and the player still refuses to roleplay the PK, the player will forfeit their right to have a fair chance of winning the PK fight and will be forced to switch clan/tribe/tradition. ICly, the character will be assumed dead and the player must roleplay as a new character.

8. Any players that disagree with the request, Roleplay Immortals modifications, the outcome of the IC battle, or the subsequent character recreation may appeal to an Admin for a review at any point. The Administrator's decision is final and refusal to comply may result in consequences more severe than simply re-classing a character.


1. No script is allowed with the intention of allowing a player to clear an area, a section of an area, farm gold/platinum or any other valuable items automatically with limited or no input from the player. (auto-pilot scripts)

2. Triggers made with the intention of keeping a character from voiding by firing on a tick or re-casting a spell that wears off, will not be permitted. Using re-cast triggers is permitted, so long as you are present at the computer and using them solely for convenience, not age botting.

3. Triggers made with the intention of cheating in any way are prohibited.

NOTE: If you're in doubt about a trigger and its legality, speak with an Admin for a final decision.

Punishments: Warning, Jail, Freeze, Up to One Month Ban


1. Repeatedly posting or complaining about the same bug/feature after the issue has been acknowledged by the Immortal staff is considered spamming and will be dealt with accordingly.

2. Cheating in any way is not allowed. Cheating is defined as taking any action that gives you an unfair advantage over the other players. This includes exploiting bugs. Any bug you discover you MUST report at once. You may even receive a reward for reporting bugs!

3. Taking advantage of improper immortal conduct (a rogue immortal giving you items or telling you secrets/mob stats, etc.) is illegal. Report any such activity by an immortal to an Admin at once!

4. Attempting to crash or adversely affect the mud in any way is not allowed.

5. You are required to read and know the contents of all news/change notes posted. If you cause yourself or someone else harm due to not knowing the rules and/or current code, then we will NOT go lightly on you. In other words, Ignorance of the Law is no excuse.

6. Do not give out your character's password to ANYONE, even a member of your household. If something happens to your character, or your character harms someone else, YOU are responsible. Some MUD clients (IE: Zmud) have the ability to automatically enter your login and password for you. This is STRONGLY discouraged (although not illegal) due to the fact that anyone and their brother can log in your character and cause all kinds of problems.

7. Do not advertise, invite others to, or talk about any other MUD, MUSH, MUCK, etc. or any other type of text-based multiplayer online game on any channel. Recruiting for other MU*s will result in punishment up to and including a lifetime ban. Games which are played on a different medium or cover a different form of interest than Haven are allowed topics. IE: First Person Shooters, Real Time Strategy, etc.