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Rotes are magickal effects that have been documented by mages for centuries.

They are also used to provide examples of what is possible with Sphere Magick.

It is impossible to code into the limited existence of a texted based MUD all

possibilities of true Magick, so Haven has coded in both basic and advanced

Rotes to best simulate the feel of the Mage universe.


You can use rotes via the Rote command.


Syntax: Rote <Rote Name> <target>


Extra is an additional option that allows you to spend double the normal

Quintessence on a rote in order to cut the difficulty in half. This is often

useful in attack rotes that translate successes directly into damage.


Syntax: Rote <Rote Name> <target> extra


The following is a list of Rotes that Haven currently has coded.  See below for

the sphere levels required to use the rote.  Normally rotes cost Quintessence

equal to the highest Sphere needed to perform the effect. The same for the difficulty

of the Rote. There are exceptions to this rule as some effects are just too powerful

to fit within these guidelines.

Rote List