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While other Cainites huddled in caves and villages with mortal populations, the

Gangrel stomped about for thousands of years conquering the world as they knew

it. They adopted mortal tribes and migrated with the herd and harvest,

following their human prey from grassland to grassland.  Gangrel nomads

benefited from their own Discipline of Protean, a secret of the Blood that

meant that they did not have to keep within a half-a-nights run from the

shelter of a hut or cave.  For millennia, the Gangrel kept this Discipline

secrete and private so that members of no other clan could learn it.  Gangrel

legends say that the other clans believed them to be gods of the steppe, immune

to the suns scorching rays.

In these nights, the secret of Protean is no longer entirely the property of

the Gangrel.  Other clans have unearthed the Discipline's secrets and passed

them from sire to childe, but no bloodline has the flair for it that the

Gangrel do.  Protean allows a Cainite to change his body's form to aid in his

nightly hunting, and in escaping his enemies (both physical and spiritual). The

ability is a reflection of Gods curse on vampires because it peels away the

layer of protection and civility provided by a vampires human shape.  It

displays the Beast in the vampire using it and keeps him from denying it or

hiding from it.

As a characters shape changes, the use of certain Disciplines may become

impossible. A Cainite in mist form cannot use Dominate, as it depends on eye

contact, for instance.  While general guidelines are provided, the final

decisions in these matters rest with the Storyteller.

*     Gleam of Red Eye (gleam) This allows the user to see in the dark.

**    Feral Claws (claws) This grants a Vampire beastial claws that count

  as bare hands. The claws grow in strength as the Vampire's Protean


***   Earthmeld (earthmeld) Protection from sunlight and mobs, type

  anything and it pops you up instantly.

****  Shape of the Beast (shift <wolf/bat/rat) This allows you to alter

  your form to that of a Wolf, Bat or Rat.

***** Shape of Mist (shift <mist>)This allows you to change your form into

  that of Mist. Almost impossible to damage.

See also:  Gleam, Claws, Earthmeld, Mist, Shiftmist