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This Discipline was developed by the Cappadocians in an attempt to uncover the

secrets of death. It seeks to explore many aspects of death, from outright

cheating it, to causing it with a single touch. Rumor has it that masters of

Mortis are able to defy death itself. Practitioners of Mortis are often

consumed with all aspects of death and the afterlife.

*     Blight (blight <target>)   Weakens the target.

**    Homunculus Servant:  (homunculus corpse)  Create a minor hand servant

      out of the hand of a corpse.  Requires a corpse.

***   Awaken (resurrect) Allows a chance of forcing yourself from Torpor.

****  Animate Dead (animate <corpse>) Reawaken a dead creature to serve you.

***** Black Death (blackdeath <person>) Instantly Torpors vampires and

  kills anything else. Your victim must be weaker than you.

See also:  Masque, Blight, Resurrect, Animate, Blackdeath

See for Mortis Rituals:  MortRitual

For the Various Mortis IC Paths See Also:  GraveDecay, CorpseMonster,


Note:  Only one charmed mob is attached to your character at a time.  

IE: One set of allies, one set of rats, one shadow spirit, etc...