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Anyone over level 100 on Haven is an Immortal. These are the Admins, Storytellers, Builders, the people that spend their time ensuring that Haven runs smoothly. Each level over 100 an Immortal has denotes more authority and control that person has over different aspects of the game. In general, lower-level IMMs defer to higher-level IMMs and any disagreement or issue with an IMM should be taken to a higher-level Immortal to resolve.

Immortals have a variety of roles and titles that denote which specific aspects of the MUD they have influence over. An Immortal's level denotes their relative trust and authority on the MUD, but their role or title denotes what they actually do on Haven.

Head Admins

The Head Admins or Level 110s are The Men In Charge. Not only do they oversee every aspect of the Game and provide guidance to the rest of the IMM staff, they are the ones maintaining the server Haven is hosted on and footing the bill to keep the lights on. Head Admins assign jobs to other Immortals and delegate responsibility for different aspects of the MUD. They are also ultimately responsible for the Website, the Wiki, the Bug Tracker, the Reddit Community, the Facebook Group, and anything else directly affiliated with Haven Of The Embraced. (A notable exception is the Discord Server, which is operated by a Player.)

Any issues with a lower-level Immortal can be taken to a Head Admin for a final resolution. Issues between players that cannot be resolved by the players themselves can be taken to a Head Admin as well.

On Haven, the Head Admin's word is law.

Players are absolutely encouraged to discuss, debate, and share their personal viewpoints on MUD issues with the Admins, but any decision made by a Head Admin is final and absolute. Players can disagree with the decisions and voice their disagreement in a respectful manner, but going against the commands of a Head Admin can result in severe consequences up to and including being banned from the MUD.

Current Head Admins:

  • Matthew - MUD Owner, Developer, Server Maintainer
  • Ygolonac - Domain Owner, Hosting Provider, Great Old One


Directly below the Head Admins are the Admins. Their level can be anywhere between 107 and 109 depending on their responsibilities. Each Admin is given a specific aspect of the MUD over which they are in charge, for example: Head Builder, Head Storyteller, Head Enforcer. They have the autonomy to make decisions about the recruiting and dismissing of lower-level IMMs as well as most things that fall under their specific duties.

These are the trusted lieutenants of the Head Admins and in the absence of one of the level 110s, an Admin's word is law. They would not be in the position they are in without having proven themselves capable and trustworthy. In the vast majority of cases, the Head Admins will back the decision of an Admin as if it were their own.

Current Admins:

  • Gilean - Head Builder
  • Zelan - Head Canadian


Builders are the unsung heroes of the MUD community. Every room you walk through and NPC you fight was designed and implemented by a Builder. They map out areas, populate them with Mobiles, and place armor and equipment for players to hunt down and use. In some cases, mini-quests can be implemented through the use of Mobile Programs or Mobprogs, which allow a Builder to give life and personality to an NPC.

Builders usually work one zone at a time, from coming up with a concept to the final linking to the rest of the world. Other Builders may be in charge of converting Equipment and Mobiles to new stat systems or re-arranging the world map to make certain types of areas easier to find.

Current Builders:

  • None.


On every game, there are rules. However, rules are meaningless if there isn't someone to ensure they're being followed. That is the responsibility of the Enforcers. A thankless job, to be sure, but a necessary aspect of any game.

Enforcers keep an eye on the players, making sure that nobody is harassing other players or cheating in some way to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of the playerbase. For this reason, most Enforcers will remain invisible to players, appearing only when they need to question someone or dole out some kind of reprimand.

Haven follows a system of 'progressive discipline' in the case of most rules. This means, for a first infraction an Enforcer will simply give a warning to the player and make a note of the issue to higher-level IMMs. This is not always the case, however, and Enforcers are given the authority and ability to freeze, nochannel, disconnect and jail rule-breakers. Serious infractions and repeat offenders will be referred to an Admin or Head Admin for more serious consequences.

Current Enforcers:

  • None.


Haven is a Roleplay-Encouraged game, based off of the World of Darkness roleplaying system. In the World of Darkness system, the Storyteller takes the place of the Dungeon Master or Game Master as the director and arbiter of all things story-related. On Haven, there exists no such Ultimate Authority over In-Character interactions. Players are encouraged to run their own storylines and resolve their own In-Character disputes. However, there are times when two players disagree about the outcome of a story. That is where a Storyteller Immortal comes in, to give a final decision.

Storytellers also run global stories, open to many players, as well as Out-Of-Character quests for experience or quest points.

Current Storytellers:

  • None.

Non-Immortal Staff

Sometimes, players themselves can have a hand in helping to keep the MUD running smoothly. While not Immortals, these players are trusted and appointed by the Immortals to perform specific tasks.

Newbie Helpers

These players have shown themselves to be highly knowledgeable in most aspects of the game and offer a warm welcome to Newbies to the MUD. Newbie Helpers can be identified by the <--[Helper]--> flag before their name on the who list.

Player Testers

New features need tested and bugs need to be identified in order to be squashed. The best way to do that is by having people playing the game and using the features. These Player Testers are given access to Debugging Messages coded into the game to assist them in identifying problems and reporting them to the Coders.