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Ghouls are servants to a Domitor, a Master and specifically a Vampire.  To

become a Ghoul one must feed from a Vampire three times on three successive

nights.  When this happens, they become totally enthralled with their new

Master and would do anything, ANYTHING for them.  Ghouls receive their

nourishment from their Master and it is from this nourishment that they are

able to use their disciplines.  In order to replenish the blood pool within

a ghoul's body, you can be nourished by any vampire player, or behead a

vampiric enemy after they have dropped into torpor.

Ghouls learn Disciplines in the same manner that Vampires do.  Freebies

must be spent to increase Disciplines, albeit the cost is slightly higher as

a ghoul's blood is not quite as potent as a full vampire's.  A ghoul's

domitor determines a ghoul's clan Disciplines.  The ghoul will have the

same Clan Discipines as her original Domitor.  Every ghoul begins play with

Potence 1 as a result of the ghouling process.

One of the biggest benefits to being a ghoul is the ability to move about in

the sunlight unhindered and taking no damage.  However, there are a few drawbacks

as well, for being a ghoul has a lower potential for overall strength and

ability than becoming a full fledged vampire.  You may not learn any Discipline

to a level higher than 3.  While you can use any vampiric abilities such as

regenerating your body or using bloodbuff, the only way you can replenish your

blood supply is from a vampiric source.  Ghouls are recommended for players

who wish for a bit of a challenge while still retaining some of the benefits

of being a vampire.

Once you have become a ghoul, you are no longer eligible to remort as a Garou

or be Awakened as a Mage.  However, you can still be embraced as a full vampire.

To become a ghoul you must first find a domitor of the clan you wish to

become a ghoul in service of.  You will need to feed from the potential

domitor a total of three times to go through the process.  Ensure that both

yourself and your domitor are in (IC) mode.

Command: feed <player> ghoul