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Generation refers, just as in mortal society to your place in your family

tree, but in a Vampire's case, how far removed from Caine they are.  Caine was

the First.  His Children, the Second generation in White Wolf's World of

Darkness are said to be powerful like a demigod, should they still even exist.

The Third generation, the Antediluvians, meaning Before the Flood. are also

quite powerful and they are greatly feared by those who still walk the night.

Neither of these two generations walk the world of Haven.

The Fourth generation, The Methuselahs are the powerful Vampires that still

walk the streets.  They have lived many, many centuries, and have removed

themselves from the petty squabbling of the younger generations for the peace

and tranquility of their own unlives.  They are so powerful that the thought of

embracing one to be so close to them in power, keeps them from attempting such

a thing.

The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eight generations are usually referred to as

elders, as they have lived for many years and are able to perform many

different tasks without worry. They are able to embrace and bring new

Childer into their clan. They are responsible for teaching the neonates,

(newly embraced) what it is to be a Vampire, and a member of their clan.

The Ninth and Tenth Generations, while no longer neonates, are barely elders.

While they may hold position of authority within a clan, they do not have the

physical power or mental capacity that their elders do, and are often reminded

of this, sometimes through very harsh means.

Those of the Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth generation are the neonates. The

thin-blooded. They have very few abilities and although they are no longer

mortal, they are nowhere near as powerful as those of what are considered the

higher generations.  These Childer must scrounge for what little respect they

get, whether it be through a boon from an older Vampire, or simply falling upon

a little bit of information that they can use to topple another Vampire.  Like

the Methuselahs, those of the Thirteenth generation can not embrace.  Their

blood is not strong enough to pass on the abilities of the Kindred.

The costs to drop generation are as follows:

10th: Starting generation, no cost, no minimum remort requirement

9th: 10 freebies, no minimum remort requirement (as an alternative to using background points)

8th: 30 freebies, 100 remort requirement

7th: 60 freebies, 200 remort requirement

6th: 90 freebies, 300 remort requirement

5th: 120 freebies, 400 remort requirement