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This Discipline reflects the mystical ability of vampires to influence the

minds and actions of others.  Dominate is an aspect of the power of the mind

and the will. It affects the judgment and mental functioning of the target,

not the emotions.  Dominate always requires eye contact with the subject in

order for it to be employed, and is thus sometimes known as the Piercing Gaze.

It can therefore be used on only one subject at a time. Orders and suggestions

must be given verbally to those who have been Dominated.  It is impossible to

Dominate a vampire who is of stronger Blood.  The character must be of an

earlier generation than the subject for Dominate to be effective.  If a botch

result is ever received on a Dominate roll, the target is rendered immune to

future attempts by the same vampire for the rest of the scene.


*         Command The Weary Mind     Help Command

**        Mesmerize                  Help Mesmerize

***       The Forgetful Mind         Help Forget

****      Conditioning               Help Condition

*****     Possession                  Help Possess

The Following Clans begin with Dominate as a clan discipline.


Ventrue                             Help Ventrue  

Lasombra                            Help Lasombra

Tremere                             Help Tremere

Malkavian*                          Help Malkavian


*If chosen instead of Dementation.

*Currently Dementation Place Holder.


Dominate is a Common Discipline.