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Vampires and Ghouls fuel themselves through the intake and use of blood.  The

maximum amount of blood that a Vampire or Ghoul is able to store in her body

to turn into usable Vitae is referred to as her Bloodpool (BP).  There are

many ways to spend and replenish this supply throughout your time on Haven.

A Vampire's maximum Bloodpool is dependant upon her Generation:

Generation 13 ... 10 Bloodpool MAX  Generation  8 ... 12 Bloodpool MAX

Generation 12 ... 10 Bloodpool MAX  Generation  7 ... 13 Bloodpool MAX

Generation 11 ... 10 Bloodpool MAX  Generation  6 ... 14 Bloodpool MAX

Generation 10 ... 10 Bloodpool MAX  Generation  5 ... 15 Bloodpool MAX

Generation  9 ... 11 Bloodpool MAX  Generation  4 ... 16 Bloodpool MAX

If a Vampire's current Bloodpool drops below 1, she etners into a frenzy

and begins losing health points.  If you do not regain blood soon, you run

the risk of falling into Torpor.  Vampires typically regain blood by feeding

in combat, or on corpses, but may also be nourished by other players.

A Ghoul has a maximum of 10 Bloodpool.  While a ghoul does not frenzy upon

reaching low blood, she does risk dying if all of the blood is removed from

her system.  Ghouls can only regain blood from a vampiric source, therefore

the two most common ways to regain vitae are from beheading torped vampires

and being nourished by vampire players.

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