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This Discipline is one of extrasensory awareness, empathy and perception. Those

with this discipline tend to be strongly affected by environmental phenomena,

beauty. Loud noises can be very disturbing. In fact all five senses can been

increased, causes the vampire more problems than advantages.

This Discipline bestows uncanny sensory abilities upon the vampire. While

Auspex initially heightens all of the Kindred's sensory significantly, that is

merely the beginning. As she grows in power, the vampire can perceive the

psychic aura that flow around her and even project her mind into another

being's thoughts. Furthermore, Auspex can pierce the disguises that Obfuscate


Such sensory command gives the vampire a distinct advantage over mortals and

even many supernaturals. Whether these talents let her view a distant haven,

sense the prince's mood or pluck secrets from a rival Kindred's ghoul, Auspex

is a powerful tool.

Still, the vampire must be careful lest this heightened sensitivity cause her

to be distracted by beautiful things, startled by loud noises, or overwhelmed

by fouled smells. Sudden or dynamic events can disorient an Auspex-using

character unless she makes a Willpower roll (difficulty 4) to block them out.

The more potent the source of distraction, the higher the difficulty. Failure

overwhelms the character's senses, making her oblivious to her surroundings for

a turn or two.

Malkavians and Toreador are most susceptible to such distractions. Kindred from

the Tremere and Tzimisce clans seem better able to regulate their sensory

input, but they are not immune to the occasional distraction.

A high Perception Trait is a great boon to using Auspex powers. The better the

roll, the greater the degree of sensory information.

*  Heightened Senses (reveal) By focusing your senses to superhuman

capacities, you can discern minor details that others may have overlooked.  

At higher levels, allows detection of otherwise unnoticeable foes.

(sense <dir>) By focusing your heightened senses onto a nearby room, you can

effectively discern what is there.

**    Aura Perception (aura <person>) Allowing you to peer into someone's

soul, this allows you to sense their inner self. The greater your skill at

Auspex, the more you will learn.

***   Spirit's Touch (touch <object>) This is very much like lore or

identify but it uses blood.

****  Telepathy (telep <person>) This allows you to get the location of any

mob or person in the mud. No restrictions. If you can see them, you can learn

where they are. (make sure you have the needed detects up!)

***** Psychic Projection (project <person>) This allows you to get extended

info on a person or mob's location. This has several restrictions including

discs, level and generation as well as a few others.

See also:  Reveal, Sense, Aura, Touch, Telepathy, Project