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Attributes are traits that measure a character's innate capabilities. They are one of three main categories of traits, alongside Abilities - which they are often combined with to form dicepools - and Advantages.

Characters possess nine attributes, grouped into three categories: Physical, Mental, and Social. Normal mortal humans and most animals are limited to ratings between 1 and 5, though in extreme cases they have attribute ratings of zero.

Supernatural creatures, including Vampires and Garou, are often capable of raising their attributes above mortal capabilities. These greater limits bay be temporarily granted by the application of supernatural powers, or permenant, as the creature's supernatural body and mind have potential beyond the limitations of mortals.

Note: On Haven, attributes can be modified by equipment or affects in a range from 0 to 10. Vampires of clan Nosferatu as well as vampires under the affects of Vicissitude's Zulo Form have an appearance rating of 0, as do Garou in their Crinos form. Modifiers to Attributes are cumulative, but will never exceed a rating of 10.

  • Physical Attributes:
    • Strength - raw physical strength.
    • Dexterity - speed and ease of movement, covering both full-body movement and hand-eye coordination.
    • Stamina - physical hardiness, including resistance to disease and physical trauma and how fast you can recover.

  • Social Attributes:
    • Charisma - how you come across to others socially; how you conduct yourself in public when not actively interacting with others.
    • Manipulation - how easily you bend others to your will, either through pursuasion or threats.
    • Appearance - your level of attractiveness

  • Mental Attributes:
    • Perception - your ability to notice things, to perceive the world around you, through all your senses.
    • Intelligence - memory and raw brain power.
    • Wits - quickness of thinking; measures how easily you make leaps of logic or intuition.