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Animalism allows empathy with and power over the animal world, as well as the

animal within, and embodies the Beast which lurks within the soul of every

Cainite. Those with Animalism can understand and soothe the passions of animals

and control the actions of such creatures by touching the heart of the beast

within them all. They can also communicate with them and have conversation.

Vampires lacking this discipline or skill of Animal Ken can seem offensive to

animals, or beasts are distinctly uncomfortable around the undead and will do

all they can to move away.

The Gangrel are especially renowned as the masters of Animalism, although the

Nosferatu, Ravnos, and Tzimisce clans show a talent for the Discipline as well.

The Traits of Manipulation and Charisma are key to Animalism powers. The

stronger the vampire's force of personality, the better able he is to influence

lesser creatures.

*     Sweet Whispers (sweet <mobname> command)

      This ability is a limited form of domination that only functions on the

  minds of creatures.

**    Beckoning (beckon)

      This ability allows you to summon forth rats to assist you in your

  travels. A single success on the activation will provide you with a

  single rat, while many successes draw up to a massive horde to your

  side.  More successes allow the rats more attacks and more power overall.

  Dismiss sends the summoned rats away.

***   Song of Serenity (song <mobname>)

      This allows you to quiet the savage beast (remove aggressive flag from


****  Sharing of Spirits

      This ability allows the kindred to meld his soul with that of a lesser

      creature. (DISABLED)

***** Drawing out the Beast (draw <player>)

      This allows the highly skilled to force a target instantly into Frenzy

      (only works on players).

Also help on:  sweet, beckon, song, share, draw