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Work in Progress

If you are completely new to Haven, check out the Quickstart Guide for a breakdown on how to get started playing the game.

Haven of The Embraced

Around since the late 90's, Haven of The Embraced has gone through a lot of changes and has evolved through the years. Haven is based on White-Wolf Publishing's World of Darkness roleplaying system. Specifically, Haven is set in the 13th century using the Dark Ages series of rules.

Characters on Haven are advanced through Levelling, Remorting (reaching level 100 and returning back to level 1), and spending Freebie points gained through remorting on their Character Sheet.

A character's Character Sheet is a list of all of their attributes and known abilities, and many aspects of the game are based off of these stats including Combat and Skills. Different combinations of Charsheet Abilities unlock different skills, which a player then masters through usage of that skill.

Players can also advance their characters through Roleplaying using the "Icmode" and auto-exp system. Experience and Quest Points gained from roleplaying are based on how many Roleplaying Hours a player has, so more roleplaying nets more rewards! However players are NOT permitted to roleplay and use the auto-exp system by themselves and MUST roleplay with another player. Solo-Roleplays/Stories can be done offline and sent via RPNOTE to the MUD and rewarded by an Immortal for content.

Players have the option of playing one of 5 races. Humans, Ghouls, Vampires, Mages and Garou.

Vampires have six Clans available at character creation and an additional six available to players who create as human and are 'embraced' or made into vampires through roleplay after creation. Ghouls are servants to vampires and share some of their powers. Ghouls are bound to the vampire Clan of their vampire Domitor. Vampires and Ghouls have a selection of fourteen Disciplines that can give them near godlike powers.

Mages are willworkers and can perform fantastic magickal feats with a few simple gestures. Haven supports five Mage traditions with nine Spheres of Knowledge that new Magi can study, each one giving mastry over some aspect of the natural world.

Garou are the protectors of the Wyld Places and their Earth Mother, Gaia. They work tirelessly to destroy sources of evil and corruption that plaque Gaia and bring her pain. They are deeply tied to the Spirits and can travel to a Spirit Realm called the Umbra. Garou have ten Tribes to which a player can belong, five Auspices or Moon Phases under which the Garou is born, and 3 Breeds or Birth Forms. All three of these together determine which of 160 unique Gifts from Gaia a Garou can learn.

Haven of The Embraced is Roleplay Encouraged, and certain aspects of the game can only be unlocked via Roleplay including access to Vampire's High Clans. Haven also has a number of Mobprog and Immortal run quests that a player can participate in. Quest Points can be spent to purchase levels, special equipment, or gifted to purchase levels for other players. More ways of gaining and using quest points are being thought up all the time.

We have approximate 140 unique areas boasting 16,000 rooms and 3600 unique NPCs. Haven's worldmap is based on Medieval Europe, centered around Chester, England. A system of Boats link major port cities and allow for travel to far-away places quite easily. Western Europe including countries like France, Switzerland and Germany are all a wide-open map with thousands of rooms to explore and interesting places to find. Lists of directions to areas for levelling or exploration exists, but do not include all areas of the MUD, so some exploration is encouraged!

Haven is based on ROM 2.4b4 with OLC but has been heavily modified by the previous owner Ugha and the new owner Matthew to add new and exciting functionality to the MUD. MXP, MSP, Pueblo and other extended protocols are not supported at this time, but may be added in the future.

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