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Freebies on Haven are used to progress your character further as you remort. Each time player remorts after reaching level 100, they will receive 3 freebies which can be spent on to improve their character sheet. In addition to remorting, freebies can also be purchased using QUEST POINTS at an exchange rate of 1 freebie per 3500 points. All characters will also start with 15 freebies once they finish the creation process.

Freebies can be spent using the command syntax in the following format: Freebie (CS Trait). Example: "Freebie Strength" would allow the player to increase their CS Strength as long as they had enough freebies.

Freebie Cost

The following cost apply to ALL Characters.

CS Trait Freebie Cost
Attributes Current Rating x 4
New Ability 3
Known Abilities Current Rating x 2
New Secondary Ability 1
Known Secondary Ability Current Rating x 2
Virtues Current Rating x 2
Humanity & Road Current Rating x 2
Willpower Current Rating

The following traits apply to Vampires:

Discipline Freebie Cost
New 10
Clan Current Rating x 5
Out of Clan Current Rating x 6

The following traits apply to Ghouls:

Discipline Freebie Cost
Clan Current Rating x 7
Combat Current Rating x 7
Other Current Rating x 10

The following traits apply to Garou:

Attribute or Ability Freebie Cost
Primal-Urge Current Rating x 2
Rage Current Rating x 2
Gnosis Current Rating x 2
Gifts Rank of Gift x 3
Renown Current Rating x 2

Note: Renown also requires 10 temporary renown in addition to the freebie cost to upgrade.

The following traits apply to Mages:

Ability Freebie Cost
Arete Current Rating x 6
Avatar Current Rating x 7
Tradition Sphere Current Rating x 5
Non-Tradition Sphere Current Rating x 6
New Sphere 10