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Haven has a number of recall points that you can set as your hometown. Your default hometown is Chester, where you will recall to Sir Owen. However, if you wish to set other locations, you can periodically change

your hometown using Quest Points.  The command to access the hometown menu  gives listing and details to see which cities are available.  

Syntax: hometown

To aid in getting around, the following speedwalking directions have been

submitted and published for anyone to use.  They may not be the most direct

way to get somewhere, and there is always the possibility of getting

waylayed or attacked by MOBs on the paths.  But the following directions

will give a basic idea of where players can go to gain experience in each of

the geographic areas.  

Chester Directions:    

From Chester Recall

(1-10)   Holy Grove             - 2s9en

(1-10)   Sacred Heart           - 2s9wn

(5-15)   Haven Lake             - 2s6e3n

(10-20)  Drachensheim           - 2s15e3s

(15-30)  British Outposts       - sw14nw (read the warning)

(15-30)  Saint John's OUTSIDE   - 2s13ws2wnw2n

(25-35)  Black Forest           - sw14ne

(25-35)  Laughing Dragon        - 2s12e2n

(15-40)  Birmingham             - 2sw5se4s2ws2ws2e8s2e7se

(20-40)  Banshee Tower          - 2sw5se4s2ws2ws2e4s2e (open south) s

(30-50)  King's Castle          - sw13n6e3n

(35-50)  Monastery              - sw14n3en4e (Aggro Mobs on Trail)

(55-70)  Damascus               - se6sw4s2e2sw(open south)2s11e.ne3n8e5n15e14n

(50-70)  Gangrel Zoo            - 2s14w2n (enter rift)

(55-70)  Setite Temple          - 2s13e2s

(60-80)  Saint John's INSIDE    - 2s13ws2wnw2n(open north)n

(80-95)  Castle Sengir          - sw14n3en3e4nd2ndnueusuwu3n (open north) [cont...]

                               - n2u2n (open east) sdednuesdnu (open east) 2e2n

(85-100) St.Michael's Cathedral - 2s16euen2e

(90-100) The Pit                - 2s11w2n

To Geneva West Gate {x- 2sw5se4s2ws2ws2e8s2e13s2ese6s (buy calais)

       sw (give calais ticket) (say set sail)

         2s5e(open gate)e13se16s4e4s4e2s3e3se8se8s2w4s4w6s6e2n


Geneva Directions: (All Dirs from West Gate, 2sw(open west)w from Geneva Recall)

(1-10)   Ebon Hills             - 2s2es

(1-10)   Elemental Canyon       - 2s4e2nen3u (Must have Detect Invis for portal)

(30-50)  Narbonne               - 2s10w2s

(30-50)  Narbonne (South Gate)  - 2s10w2sw15s5w5s4w

(30-50)  Bandit Camp            - (Narbonne South Gate) 5s4w6sw9sw

(40-60)  Figueres               - 2s10w2sw15s5w5s4w5s4w6sw14s

(40-60)  Figueres               - (Narbonne South Gate) 5s4w6sw14s

(70-90)  Klarvic                - 2s6w6n4e4n2e8nw8nw3n3w2n4w4n4w2n9n2e3n7e8s3en11e9s3en

(90-100) Living Manse           - (From Entrance to Klarvic ^^ ) es3enes3e2ne

Copenhagen Directions: 

To South Gate (From Copenhagen Landing):

2w (open gate) w (open west) 6w4s4w4s (open south) s (open south) s

To Soren (From Copenhagen Landing):

2w (open gate) w (open west) 6w4s4w4s (open south) s

       (open south) 2se (give 100 gold doren)

(70-90)  Klarvic               - (From South Gate) s6w11se17sw8sw6s4en

(90-100) Living Manse          - (From Entrance to Klarvic ^^ ) es3enes3e2ne

(90-100) Garden                - (From Soren) e4nw3n2wne

(90-100) Frozen Mountain       - (From Soren) e4nw3n2w2nwnwnnw6nw8nw8n7w

Getting to The Ports:

Calais (From Geneva Recall):

2sw(open west)w2s6w6n4e4n2e8nw8nw3n3w2n4w4n4w16nw13n(open gate)6w

North and East to Dover

North and West to Copenhagen



Player houses are available for everyone regardless of resource level.

Here are general guidelines for what is obtainable.  This is not set

in stone, and when creating a player home the player and immortal staff

will negotiate things on a case by case basis.   Mprogs, are also

available to spice up your living environment.



Resources 0:  One Room   |  No Items

Resources 1:  Two Rooms   |  One Item

Resources 2:  Three Rooms |  Two Items

Resources 3:  Four Rooms  |  Three Items

Resources 4:  Five Rooms  |  Four Items

Resources 5{  Five Rooms  |  Five Items



These commands will grant you access to your house:


Syntax: Recall Home   Recalls you to your house.    

Syntax: Get Homekey   Creates the key to your house.