Administration & Contact Information

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Haven of The Embraced has been back online under new management since 2012. The game is based on ROM2.4 and heavily modified to fit the World of Darkness theme. Most of the initial development and modifications were done by Ugha untill 2012 when he passed the mantle on to the 'triumverate' of new Admins.


Lead Developer

Matthew has been a part of Haven since the early 2000's as a player and was recruited as a builder under the old administration for a short period. In 2012 Ugha handed the MUD over to the new Admins and Matthew took over as Lead Coder.

A fan of Computers and computer games since a young age, Matthew is self-taught in c/c++ programming and Python scripting. He has also taught himself a bit of web development with HTML/CSS for the purposes of creating this website. He actively develops for the game with changes coming in on a regular basis, and helps to coordinate with Zelan and Ugha on their own projects for Haven. Any bugs or issues present in Haven can properly be blamed on him, as everything passes his scrutiny before being implemented.