About Haven of The Embraced

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Haven of The Embraced is not a new MUD, the game has been around since the late 90's, but it has undergone a number of facelifts since it's conception.

Haven is set in the High Middle Ages (between 1000 and 1250 AD) and centers around Medieval Europe. Vampire Lords rule towns and cities while the vast wildernesses are roamed by fierce Werewolves (called Garou). Other races hide in the shadows, keeping themselves away from the eyes of Humanity.

Roleplay is encouraged on Haven, but not strictly enforced. The administration works towards striking a balance between the desires of Hack and Slash players, and those that prefer Roleplay Only. Either path is given ample opportunities for character advancement through the awarding of Quest Points, Experience Points and Freebies. Regardless of the path, players gain levels and upon reaching level 100, 'remort' back to level, keeping all of their stats and equipment, and gaining Freebie points to spend on their Character Stats.

In-Game Skills on Haven are level-based but the game no longer has any class system. In-Game Skills are gained through expenditure of Freebies on Talents, Skills and Knowledges on a player's Character Sheet, each dot corresponding to a skill or ability for that character.

Vampires have six clans available at creation and there are an additional four available to players who create as human and are 'embraced' or made into a vampire in-game. Ghouls are servants to Vampires that share some of their powers and are bound to their Vampire Master's clan. They have a selection of fourteen Disciplines that give vampires near godlike powers.Mages are willworkers and can perform fantastic magickal feats with a few simple gestures. Haven supports five Mage Traditions with nine Spheres of knowledge that new Magi can study, each one giving mastry over some aspect of the natural world. Garou (Werewolves) are currently under development and are not suggested for play. They will have a number of tribes that players may join and a wide selection of spirit "gifts" or powers that the werewolf may use in her many forms.

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